Health Information

Different studies show varied results in the morbidity pattern and health problems in the elderly in India. Most study reports decreased visual acuity due to cataract and refractive errors followed by pain in the joints and joint stiffness, dental and chewing complaints and hearing impairment. Other morbidities were hypertension, diarrhea, chronic cough, skin diseases, heart disease diabetes asthma, and urinary complaints .Elderly people who belong to middle and higher income groups are prone to develop obesity and its related complications due to a sedentary lifestyle and decreased physical activity. Elderly people are highly prone to mental morbidities due to ageing of the brain,. The mental disorders that are frequently encountered include dementia and mood disorders. Other disorders include neurotic and personality disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, delirium, and mental psychosis. The elderly in India suffer from minimal to severe disabilities due to these health conditions.

Until now, secondary prevention strategies in the form of screening and early management and tertiary care in the form of rehabilitation have been given more importance as compared with primary prevention in India. An ideal preventive health package should include various components such as knowledge and awareness about disease conditions and steps for their prevention and management, good nutrition and balanced diet, and physical exercise.

The health info consists of information on basic information on some of these health issues. You may need to read them and follow up with your physician/surgeon wherever there may be an emergency situation or query.